Criminal Defense

Strong Defense Against Serious Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges in Georgia is a frightening experience. Having a Criminal Defense Lawyer who will fight to protect your rights can make the difficult period easier for you to navigate. At the Williams Litigation Group, our criminal defense lawyers zealously advocate for your best interests while working to mitigate the long-term consequences of these allegations.

Our attorneys walk through every step of the legal process so that our clients have a firm understanding of what to expect as their case progresses. By informing our clients of their legal rights and setting clear expectations for their case, we help people make informed decisions that reflect their long-term interests.

Our Criminal Defense Practice

Our criminal defense lawyers will work to mount a strong defense against a broad range of misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

Seasoned Litigators In Your Corner

To get more favorable outcomes – both in and out of court – to a criminal case, a criminal defense attorney must always be willing to go the distance on their client’s behalf. At the Williams Litigation Group, we have built our practice as a premier litigation law firm. From the moment we begin working on every criminal case, we begin planning to argue in front of a judge and jury.

This proactive approach means we are not only better prepared to go to court, but that we are also able to negotiate from a stronger position with the prosecution. Prosecutors throughout the state know we are always willing to litigate and are therefore more likely to agree to settlements that are favorable for our clients.

In addition to our extensive work litigating criminal cases, our attorneys have broad experience going to court for family law and personal injury matters.

Take The First Step Today

The sooner someone accused of a crime speaks with an attorney, the more likely the outcome of the case will be positive. Speak with our defense attorneys today to begin the process of protecting your future.

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