Drug Trafficking and Possession Charges

Facing Drug Trafficking and Possession Charges

Having to deal with any type of criminal law or drug charge is bad enough. But when an even more serious felony such as drug trafficking is also added the case it can become a situation where years or decades of your life are at stake. For people in Brunswick, Georgia who may be facing this or any other similar scenario, the experts at Williams Litigation Group have helped numerous clients in this same situation.

While the penalties for a simple drug possession conviction can be serious enough on their own, the addition of an even more serious count of drug trafficking can bring about a disastrous result and lead to a lengthy incarceration period. Possessions on their own can range from misdemeanors to minor felonies, while trafficking charges are considered major felonies.

The Differences Between Possession and Trafficking

It is important to understand how trafficking charges work and the specifics that are required to build a case. Possession is considered having an amount of drugs on your person or property which is small enough in quantity that it is reasonable to assume it is for personal use.

Trafficking involves larger amounts and unlike distribution, there doesn’t need to be any attempt or intent to transport the controlled substances to any specific location. Here are a few details regarding how drug trafficking charges are determined:

  • A trafficking charge is determined by weight
  • Large amounts of cash in conjunction with drugs can facilitate the charge
  • Scales, packaging materials, and other distribution elements can also bring these charges

How Trafficking Complicates the Case

Drug trafficking lawyers such as the professionals at Williams Litigation Group understand the nuances that are involved with these types of cases. There are a number of things which must be proven in order to get such a serious charge upheld. Things like intent, as well as having traceable ties to the type of organization which deals in such serious crimes as moving and distributing large amounts of drugs are necessary to get a conviction. These circumstances are not easy to prove.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of facing these or other serious drug charges and you need immediate legal help, use our contact form to get in touch with our criminal defense specialists in Brunswick at the Williams Litigation Group. They know how to handle these cases and make sure that you have the best representation possible.