There are several reasons why a person may want to overturn a parole board’s decision. The most obvious reason is the incarcerated person wishing to overturn a parole denial in order to regain liberty. However, the victim of a crime may seek to prevent their perpetrator from being given parole.

Parole boards allow the incarcerated and those affected by the incarcerated’s release the opportunity to appeal an unfavorable judgment.

The Purpose of Parole

The goal of parole is to assist a formerly jailed person in reintegrating into society under the supervision of a parole officer. The officer assists with housing and employment-related challenges. Furthermore, parole protects society from individuals who may represent a risk by ensuring that they adhere to specific criteria.

Parole Board Decisions

In most cases, requests for parole are considered by prison officials rather than judges. Officials from the parole board convene on a regular basis to hear bids for parole.

The severity of the offense, if the sentencing judge issued any parole recommendations, and whether the prisoner has followed applicable rules while incarcerated will all be considered by the board before making a parole decision.

Challenge a Denial of Parole

Those wishing to challenge a denial of parole can submit an appeal to the Parole Hearing Officers’ Division or equivalent authority. New evidence regarding guilt, proof of wrongdoing by the hearing official, or evidence of substantial procedural flaws during the hearing could all be grounds for an appeal.

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