Can DUI Convictions Impact Alternate Licensing?

Professionals from daycare workers to physicians are required to have a license to practice. In many instances, when a person has a professional license, they have to report any criminal convictions they receive to their supervising board. A criminal conviction may result in a temporary suspension of a professional license or in the complete loss of a license. Thus, employment in one’s chosen field could be lost either temporarily or permanently. Some professions will not revoke a license for a misdemeanor charge, but they may do so if you fail to report being charged with a criminal offense.

DUI Makes Life More Complicated in Many Ways

It’s common knowledge that an arrest and ensuing conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) can make life more difficult. First, you have to deal with the stress of being arrested and the cost of retrieving your vehicle from an impound lot. This is followed by criminal court appearances, where you face fines, jail time, probation, and possibly prison time if convicted. In addition, a DUI conviction can impact your driver’s license. Fighting having your license revoked involves even more court appearances, and costs time and money. In almost any case, a DUI conviction can complicate your work life. For example, those who drive for a living face numerous legal hassles in order to keep driving for work and pilots may face special consequences involving their ability to fly. Similarly, those with a medical license, a medical certificate or a permit to practice medicine may also be affected if convicted of a DUI.

Multiple DUIs Have Even More Challenging Outcomes

Having several DUIs can be devastating to those with a medical license or any other type of license provided by the state, such as a liquor license, a pilot’s license, or a commercial license.Reporting to the FAA that you have received a single DUI charge will probably not keep you from flying or result in your pilot’s license being suspended. However, if you have been arrested, charged or convicted of a repeat-offense drug and/or alcohol charge, you may have to cope with revocation of your license.

Possible Additional Outcomes for Medical Professionals

In addition to the basic results of a DUI conviction discussed above, medical professionals can lose their licenses, certificates, or permits, or be restricted in the practice of medicine as a direct effect of a DUI. The two scenarios most likely to impact one’s ability to continue practicing medicine are felony DUIs and situations where an individual is unable to practice skillfully and safely due to alcohol or drug use.

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