Suppose you had your driver’s license suspended due to an impaired driving conviction or certain traffic ticket convictions. In that case, you’re probably wondering how to keep your employment until your license is reinstated, right?

For many people in rural and even urban areas, public transit is not available enough to provide a reliable mode of transportation. The good news is that drivers with suspended licenses may be eligible for limited driving privileges while waiting for them to be reinstated. A Georgia hardship license permits those who have had their licenses suspended to drive to work, school, medical appointments, and other necessary places.

How to Get a Georgia Hardship License Permit

Not all Georgia drivers with suspended licenses are eligible for the program. You are only eligible if your license has been suspended for a first conviction, a first or second DUI conviction, or a first or second points suspension. Keep in mind that you’ll have to demonstrate to the court that your life will be dramatically impaired without a driver’s license. You will need to prove that you aren’t able to do things like getting to work or school, attend medical appointments, retrieve needed medication from the pharmacy, or that you won’t be able to attend a court-ordered program.

You will need to apply for your hardship license through your county’s law enforcement or government website. You will be required to provide personal information (name, DOB, address, driver’s license number, and reason for the request.) There is also a fee that will need to be paid.

If your application is initially denied, there is an appeal process. You will need to request the appeal through the Georiga Department of Driver Services, and it will take roughly 30 days for a hearing.

Those granted a hardship license can lose them for violating traffic laws and other such conditions.

Denied the Hardship License?

If you are denied the hardship license, life will take a bit more planning. For instance, you will need to find family or friends that can give you a ride, learn about public transportation schedules, or even purchase a bicycle. Leaving things like purchasing groceries to the last minute may not be an option anymore.

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