How Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Accidents According to the Law

While motorcycle accidents make up a much smaller fraction of total accidents in Georgia than those involving cars or trucks, injury and death rates from motorcycle accidents are higher. In addition, motorcycle collisions are more apt to involve other negative factors such as alcohol use. That being said, any vehicular accident is regrettable, and the details make a difference. The subtle nuances of motorcycle collisions often have direct consequences for the kind of case that may evolve, on how it’s litigated, and on the verdict and results obtained. If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to be familiar with these fine distinctions. Below are some facts you should know about how motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in regard to the law.

Public Perception can affect Motorcyclists’ Chances in Court

The differences between motorcycle and car accidents in the eyes of the law partly stem from public views on motorcycles and their riders. Due to pop culture portrayals, motorcycles are linked with speed and often reckless driving. Also, in trying to justify their actions, defendants often claim they failed to see a motorcycle before a collision. Thus, if a case goes to court, preconceptions about motorcycles and the easy excuses that arise from their small size can have major effects on jury selection. These negative images can also impact your motorcycle accident claim, as insurers and judges are more likely to question your degree of fault and thus unduly lower your claim settlement just because you’re a motorcyclist.

Injuries are often More Severe

Motorcycle collisions more often produce life-changing injuries. The complexity of such cases is further enhanced by whether or not the cyclist was wearing a suitable helmet before the accident occurred. More subtle head injuries often go undetected.

Insurance Claims Can be Affected

Because motorcycle insurance is harder to get than car insurance, interpreting the fine points of a plan can be difficult, and this can seriously impact how financial damages are calculated or awarded.

Evidence can be Difficult to Interpret

Uncovering the facts in motorcycle accidents can be tricky because fewer points of impact usually exist than in automobile collisions and hence less physical evidence is obtainable.

So What Should You Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Most importantly, you should work with an attorney who understands the nature of motorcycle accidents. They should also be aware of how potential jurors view both motorcyclists and the activity of motorcycle riding. In addition, the attorney must know about the types of injuries that can arise from a motorcycle accident and about potential changes in memory, balance, coordination, and fine motor control that may occur. Concussions are always possible, as are ligament injuries, so an exam by an orthopedic specialist is essential

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