A collection of nerves that spans from the brain to the waist is called the spinal cord. It is shielded by a column of ring-shaped bones called vertebrae. This bundle along with the brain comprises the central nervous system.

Car accidents, especially major ones, can result in a wide range of physical injuries and damage to the back, neck, and spine.

Vehicle Impact and Back Injuries

Different accident types can lead to various back injuries.

For instance, a side-swipe or lane change accident increases the risk of neck disc damage, but a head-on collision increases the risk of specific lower back disc injuries.

Although rollover collisions are uncommon, they are the most likely to harm the spinal cord. Rear-end and side-impact collisions are frequent collision types leading to intervertebral disc injury or pinched nerves.

Loss of function, inability to move, and loss of feeling are all effects of spinal cord injury. Spinal cord damage can occur without the spinal cord being cut. Other less severe back ailments, such as pinched nerves, ruptured disks, or spinal stenosis, still cause pain, paralysis, and numbness.

Value of a Back Injury

During settlement discussions, lawyers for both accident parties will make an effort to come to an agreement on a monetary amount. From the victim’s lawyer’s standpoint, a settlement must cover the victim’s present and future costs. If these talks succeed, the parties usually come to an agreement before the court date. However, a trial might be required to settle the dispute if it becomes impossible to come to an agreement.

A back injury accident settlement often equals between $10,000 and $100,000. Settlement amounts can also differ from these averages, with some reaching settlement sums of millions. Since back injuries are so complex, there is a wide severity and value range associated with them.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

You can get help with all the legal facets of your neck and back injury claim from a car accident with a qualified attorney. A lawyer can first look at the circumstances surrounding your accident to see if you have a case to pursue.

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