Information to Exchange – And Not to Exchange – After an Injury

A vehicular accident is a traumatic and unsettling experience. Immediately after the accident, the parties involved will most likely be in powerfully emotional states, which may cloud judgment and flare up tempers. However, it is essential for legal purposes that the parties involved in the accident adhere to federal and state laws. Exchanging information is a vital part of accident resolution. However, the parties involved in an accident must remain aware of what should be divulged and what should not be said when exchanging information.

Information to Exchange

After an accident, the involved parties should provide each other with names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance companies, policy numbers, driver’s license numbers, and license plate numbers. When the names of the drivers and the insured parties differ, record the relationship between the driver and insured, then collect the names and addresses of both the driver and the insured. Make a note of the makes, models, colors, and years of all vehicles involved, as well as their conditions prior to the accident.

Information to Not Exchange

Never admit to fault for an accident. The determination of fault is the responsibility of the investigating officers and of the judges and lawyers involved in trials. Any admission of fault – even when the admission is legally incorrect – can be used by opposing counsel to shift the designation of fault as well as the responsibilities of the insurance companies and confessor involved. And after exchanging the pertinent information listed above, it is sound advice to not discuss any further details of the accident without the presence or advice of a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense attorney. This applies to conversations with law enforcement and insurance companies as well as conversations with the other parties involved in the accident.

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