Should I File a Personal Injury Case or Let My Insurance Handle It All?

An accident is a disorienting and disturbing event. It’s common for a client’s thought processes to be cloudy after the accident. Because of this, it is vital that the client is represented by someone with the client’s best interests and not their own. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not meet that criteria. The good news for clients in Brunswick, GA, is that the Williams Litigation Group has extensive experience with personal injury cases. Our staff of legal experts will represent the client, not the insurance company.


How Insurance Companies Handle a Personal Injury Case

After the client files a claim, the insurance company dispatches an adjuster. The adjuster represents the insurance company instead of the client. The adjuster has two goals: offer as small of a payment to the client as possible, and avoid a trial. The adjuster attempts to combine these two goals into a payment that is high enough to keep the insurance company out of court, yet low enough to not cut too heavily into the insurance company’s bottom line. This poses a difficult dilemma for the client: accept a fraction of the money to which the client is entitled, or take a chance in a trial.


How the Williams Litigation Group Handles a Personal Injury Case

Our team of lawyers have over 30 years of experience handling personal injury cases. We understand that strict “always settle” or “always go to trial” mentalities do not serve our clients well. We handle each case based on a variety of factors, including how debilitating the injury is, how long the injury will last, and the damage to life and property. Our opening approach will be to negotiate a deal for our client that will reduce the costs – both financial and monetary – while achieving a sufficient reward for our client. If negotiations fail, then our team of lawyers will represent our client in a court of law.

If you suffer from a personal injury, our firm would like to talk with you about your case. Clients in Brunswick, Glynn, Camden, Brantley, Wayne, Ware, or McIntosh can either call our office at 866-214-7036 or fill out our contact form.