A plea deal, sometimes known as a plea bargain, is a typical option for a person facing criminal accusations. According to the US Department of Justice, up to 95% of all state and federal criminal cases are settled out of court rather than going to trial.

What is a Plea Bargain?

Plea negotiating is the process of a prosecutor and a defendant reaching an agreement on a plea. The charges, the sentence, and the facts are the three basic possibilities for plea bargaining in general. A defendant may be allowed to plead guilty to a lower charge and thereby face only the penalty associated with that offense.

When a person is charged with a crime, they are frequently facing multiple charges simultaneously. The prosecution may offer to withdraw some of the charges in return for a guilty plea on others, or if you agree to plead guilty, your penalties may be lessened.

Have You Talked to Your Attorney?

Suppose you have not yet spoken with an attorney representing your interests. In that case, it should be your first step before accepting a plea bargain. A criminal lawyer will be knowledgeable of the legal system and will be able to assess whether the offer you are receiving is fair. Plus, an attorney can look over the evidence against you and see if there are any methods to get the charges dropped. Should the prosecution know that its case isn’t particularly strong, they might be inclined to make a better plea deal to avoid losing.

Sometimes It Is the Best Option

A plea bargain is sometimes the best option. However, in order to achieve the greatest conditions for the plea offer, your defense counsel must contest the facts and any weak arguments made by the prosecutor.

Below are a few of the advantages of a plea bargain:

  • Fewer charges
  • shorter sentences
  • Avoiding the stress of a trial,
  • A speedier return to your everyday life and family
  • Predictable sentencing
  • Saving time
  • Saving money on court costs


Before you make any decisions on a plea bargain, it is critical that you speak with a criminal defense attorney whom you trust to represent your best interests and who can advise you on whether or not you should accept the plea deal.

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