A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have mild indications and symptoms. TBI symptoms may not manifest for days or weeks, or they may even go unnoticed since people may appear fine while acting or feeling differently.

Concussion vs. Brain Injury

The seriousness of brain injuries is becoming more widely recognized in the United States. Fans of team sports like football, for example, have surely noticed how schools and professional leagues have adopted new concussion laws and protocols. However, there is a distinction between a concussion and a brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain is injured due to a blow to the head or body. It could be a simple impact or a penetration of the brain tissue. TBIs can be mild, moderate, or severe. Symptoms can range from headaches to permanent brain damage, and they can even be fatal. Symptoms of traumatic brain injury can appear years after the initial incident.

A concussion is an injury in which a jarring blow or impact on the head or body impairs brain function. The brain is jostled inside the skull, causing damage to brain cells. A concussion is sometimes called a mild TBI, even though such a head injury frequently has delayed symptoms.

Subtle Signs of a Brain Injury

The more subtle brain injury symptoms can be difficult to detect right after an event, and if left untreated, they can be fatal. Here are some TBI symptoms that you may be overlooking:


-Overreacting to situations

-Inability to fall asleep

-Trouble waking up

-Scalp numbness

-Tingling in hands

-Double vision


-Sensitivity to lights

-Slowness in reading

Contact a Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know has suffered a brain injury due to an accident, get medical help as soon as possible. Then, seek the advice of a brain injury lawyer. Recovery from a TBI can take months or even years of costly medical procedures and rehabilitation. A knowledgeable traumatic brain injury attorney can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve to pay the costs of past and future treatment.

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