Social media is a huge part of our lives today, with the impact cutting across every industry. The judicial system, which has long been reluctant to move to the digital age, has also been affected in many ways by social media. For instance, digital evidence is now admissible in most courts and can greatly influence a court’s decision. So, what are the dos and don’ts when pursuing a personal injury case?


  • Maintain Absolute Privacy. Even if you are an ardent social media user, the first thing you need to do when you start the litigation is to go private. Review your privacy settings to make your profiles “Friends Only” or Private and keep it that way for the duration of the case.
  • Watch What You Share. Go easy on the liking, sharing, and reposting, as sharing content that goes against your claims can be used against you.
  • Consult Your Lawyers. Check with your lawyer before posting anything. Remember, your opposing side will undoubtedly keep an eye on you, and you don’t want to give them any material to work with.


  • Overshare Details About Your Case. Avoid posting too much information about your accident, injuries sustained, or treatment you received afterward. The more information you share, the more likely you are to make mistakes that will cost you in court.
  • Post Activities That Contradict Your Claims. For instance, it would be highly suspicious if you post photos of yourself rock climbing and lifting weights if you claim to have debilitating back pain in your court documents.
  • Vent Online. Your online friends and followers may seem like family to you, but it’s not wise to vent to them about your case. Public expressions of frustration can be seen as an admission of guilt or even contempt of the legal process.

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