It can be hard in some cases to know the difference between public and private property. Even with no trespassing signs, the average person may not know what constitutes trespassing or what the consequences of doing so are.

What is Criminal Trespassing?

Trespassing is broadly defined as the unlawful entry onto the property of another person. This can result in arrest and criminal charges, usually a misdemeanor.

The key difference between what is known as trespassing and criminal trespassing, which is a felony, is that with criminal trespassing a person knowingly enters or remains on someone’s property.

This can be as simple standing in someone’s yard when a no trespassing sign is present. In most cases, the law does not differentiate between intentional criminal trespass and unintentional. In other words, if sufficient warning is given, even if you don’t notice, you may still be charged with criminal trespassing.

What Are the Consequences of Criminal Trespassing?

Criminal trespassing can have a wide range of consequences as the laws and punishments vary by state and county.

Typically, a standard punishment for trespassing that is not criminal will be a fine of a few hundred dollars.

In the case of criminal trespassing however, because the charges are upgraded to a felony at that point, the range of punishments can be much greater.

Fines can rise into the thousands of dollars, court costs, restitution, and other fees may be assessed and jail time is a distinct possibility depending on the severity of the charge and facts of the case.

What Should You Do When Facing a Criminal Trespassing Charge?

Once you know the charges you’re facing, the next step is to seek legal representation that will fight to get you the fair treatment you deserve.

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