In many countries, domestic violence is a very common practice among various households. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, but most victims are females who are abused physically, verbally, sexually or financially. Abusive relationships usually have a massive imbalance of power where one person controls or hurts the other.

Taking Safety Steps

Escaping domestic abuse or leaving an abuser can be very hard, but following precautions can be taken if it has escalated to a point where you can’t stand it anymore. This is also applicable to cases where you feel like your spouse can cause harm to your children and yourself.

  1. You should preplan where you will go and how you will get there.
  2. You can always call a domestic violence hotline or a specific women’s shelter near you, but you have to be careful to make the call privately.
  3. You should always stay prepared for such circumstances. Have emergency backpacks ready with essential things such as clothes, jewellery etc. But make sure the bag is in a safe location which no one can access. Important papers, medicine, and money should also be in your emergency bag.

Where To Get Assistance

In a severe emergency, you can call the local emergency hotline. Other resources can also provide assistance, such as asking for help from a relative, a loved one or a close friend. You can also call a national domestic violence hotline to state your problems. The best option is to take the situation to court, where they can implement a restraining order on the abuser.

Necessary Precautions

It is important to stay vigilant because the abuser can use technology to track your calls, messages, and location. Your partner can check your caller history and other messages, so it is best to clear your caller history and delete your messages after texting. Frequently keep clearing your browser history and changing your email passwords. Clear any tracking apps installed on your phone. Make sure that the abuser is not able to reach you until the restraining order is implemented.

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