Older adult abuse is common in the United States and can be of many types. That includes physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, neglect, and financial abuse.

Older people facing abuse are anxious and scared to tell anyone because of the people who are inflicting that abuse. Sometimes it is also because they do not want their loved ones to get in trouble even if they are abusing them.

Abuse can cause homicides, deaths, adverse health conditions, and mental illnesses among adults. Hence it is essential to seek professional help in case you see anyone around you who is unable to help themselves.

How to Report Older Adult Abuse

The first step is to identify and observe the elderly people in your community and see if there is something unusual. Unnecessary shouting, rude behavior from family members, behavior, or weaknesses other than their age should be identified. Try and talk to the older people to see if they are willing to talk about it or not.

If you know about their relatives or family members or are in contact with them, call them and inform them about the current situation. Whether they are living in nursing homes or with family members, make sure to keep checking in on them.

In the case of life-threatening danger, call 911 immediately. In the case of bruises or cuts, inform the local elderly support authorities and give them all the information you have about the people.

If you suspect elderly abuse but are unsure of it, make sure to call the proper authorities in your area so they can confirm it.

The adults who are facing abuse can also report it when given the motivation. So, make sure that you keep checking in on them as a responsible community member.

Inform the community support services if you are not sure if you want to get any legal authority involved. The community support services consist of care providers who check up on older people to make sure their health needs are being met. They are better able to help older people speak up and seek help.

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